Shard CCTV

Now the Shard is an iconic skyscraper in London. Newly built so you would presume that it had everything, especially CCTV. You would imagine that as it only opened in 2012 it would have the latest camera technology everywhere in the building.

IT Support London a picture of the Shard CCTV

This isn’t the case and it was a surprise to Matthew Hinge as well, The owner / director of Innovated IT. As the Shard is a busy old (new place) the CCTV in the Shard had to be fitted in the middle of the night. Thats a dedicated team of IT Support members

Heat Maps & Visitor Tracking CCTV

Matts pride off sharing the story on Linked in.

Upon the success of the networked CCTV solution. The IT/Facilities are able to offer a solution to their Management Team to watch customer activity via heat maps. Consequently  track visitor numbers, and have an additional security presence. GDPR compliant signage was also supplied as part of the project. This was to ensure visitors are aware of the recording that was being taken. We will be waiting for the next phase of the CCTV installation to cover additional areas as per the project scope.

Matthew Hinge and Partner Owner Director Innovated IT

For further information about our CCTV solutions, we have worked with Nest, Hikvision and Dahua. Contact us for more information or case studies on all of our successfully completed work. Source = Innovated IT, Shard CCTV

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