Small Business Support In IT London

Multi Office IT Support

Innovated IT has been offering professional IT services since the beginning of 2018. We started based out of a van in South West London, to now an office space in Kings Cross. Then having expanded our offering to both small/medium businesses and home smart improvement setups. We are Microsoft Certified Professionals as well as Microsoft Technical Associates. Our business is fully insured and we keep a long lasting relationship with our customers. All of our customers are willing to act as case studies for us, if this is required.

IT support for small businesses in London

Only once we were confident that we could upscale we did just that. We pride ourself on dedicated support 24/7/365 and we give nothing less. We will not take on extra work and devalue what we have in place already. That is why we state there is limited places available on the work we do, no compromises. We are not the typical IT support company who take on anything and everything.


IT Business Support London for you structured cabling installation London


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