HR Profiling

Possible one of the most expensive mistakes you can make when in business. your single biggest monthly cost is your wage bill. People cost money, not only in the wages but the training. You also have to consider that whilst you are training the new people they are not productive.

Not only that the person thats training the new recruit isn’t being productive either. The costs are staggering so you need to get it right first time .

HR Profiling

The right choice – The first time

HR Profiling can have a huge impact on business ROI. Therefore, the ability to assess employee and client suitability in the Corporate world gives the user an advantage in getting it right first time. David provides guidance techniques and consultations in all aspects of HR profiling for business

HR profiling is a skill whereby the analysis of a candidate’s psychological characteristics and behaviour can be assessed against the attributes of a particular role. Profiling is also an asset in determining the work force dynamic with regards to productivity.


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