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Coaching WebsiteBy Tobie

Life Coaches

Coaches. Once the preserve of celebrities and those in touch with their spiritual side. Today they have gone well and truly mainstream.

Back in 1999, there were just 1,500 members of the International Coach Federation. Today, there are more than 17,000. Over in the U.S. this industry is now worth a cool $1 billion, while back in the UK 100,000 Britons seek the services of a life coach EVERY YEAR.

So let’s be clear – life coaches are no longer hippy-dippy. They can be the stuff of life-changing, business-transforming guidance, support and advice. And if these six warning flags are waving at you, chances are you could really use a life coach in your life.

This is now a career choice to become a life coach or a business coach  find a life coach or find a business coach and join this new growing market place.


The purpose of business coach is to drive new goals, long term vision and achievement within that given business. There is crossover again into what the life coach does, however for instance relationships. The relationships focus is only within the workplace, for a better term, working relationships. The business coach guides helps the client to build a better working bond with his employees. Sometimes being a driven entrepreneur leaves you blinded to the needs of your workers.

Its your dream your goal and your desire to make a success of you and your business. Some of your employees may just be there for the money, to pay the bills so they do not share your passion for success. This is where the good business coach comes in, helping to build on those relationships so that they give so much more to your business. In fact all the relationships within your workforce. Any hostile behaviour within you workplace will slow down growth and at its worse destroy the business entirely.


The purpose of a life coach is to mentor someone on a personal level. This is not to say that business will not be touched upon, it can. However you do not actually get involved in the business itself. It is fine to help them set a goal in business or work but thats where it stops. A life coach is there to bring balance, calm and focus to help people achieve the goals that they have set. Life coaching encompasses upon time management, goal setting, relationship building and fulfilment in ones life.

Building relationship is another crossover into business/work life balance. Helping a client to build better relationship will not only help with their personal live’s but also at work and business. Yes its true that a lot of business leads can be generated online today. It’s true that you can reach a far greater audience using digital marketing. However once you gain that lead it is your personality and relationship with a client that sustains business. Balance, this is the key to a successful life coach.

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